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    Pros: Gives you the ability to realize and practice punching angles at different parts of the body, which is a big plus. This was owned by a friend I and others trained with. We used several kinds of speed, two chord, middle, heavy, and very heavy bags. The largest was the 300lb bag that hung from the University of Colorado (CU) gym from a logging chain, attached to the ceiling.

    Cons: We pretty much all agreed that the weight (usually water in the base for this type of heavy bag did not give us the natural movement, or as natural of movement as it might have had the product had been either a two chord (top and bottom) attachment, or the entire weight of the body form in the body, as opposed to the liquid container in the bottom. Please, don't get me wrong; I grade low as some in this group were at the top when MMA was getting started. But, our comments are valid.

    Comments: I would fill the internal of the body form with a type of plastic coated lead or similar, so keep out the lead dust, vice using the liquid base. It is too much like punching a man whose legs are stuck in a tub of cement allowed to dry into cement. In a perfect world, the movement is more natural. Even a heavy bag, chained at the top, moves more like a person and allows the practitioner to practice his (TIA SHABAK-sic), meaning moving, while slipping and sliding punches and the opponents own body. That said, these changes are not cheap, so you might just be better off with this type and a regular heavy bag and combine the benefits of both. That is what we did.

    (Posted on 7/25/14)

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