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  • Overall Rating

    Owned For: Less than a week

    Pros: 1. Good support for wrists. Fists also feel well protected, but I have not tested them during sparring because just bought and I write my first impression, played only shadow boxing and working on the bag at home.
    2. Tightly wrap around the wrist. I like the glove tight to the hand, without excess space. The hand does not walk inside of the glove.
    But who has big hands, for them it can be a disadvantage, since the gloves maybe do not fit - will be too crowded and gloves will press. The width of my handbreadth 9 cm and gloves fit very comfortably!
    3. Beautiful design. I took the blue/yellow color is very beautiful and has colors of the flag of my country - Ukraine. I can say that the color matching gloves with the flag of my country was the deciding factor when choosing these gloves and besides I was lucky because they were sold at a discount for $70.

    Cons: This is not the shortcomings, just a feature:
    The first cuff (internal) has a rubber tip - this is done so that you can tighten the cuffs teeth. It is very convenient, interesting solution! But the second cuff (external) has no gum ... I would like the rubber tip was on the second cuff also.

    Comments: Took these gloves for sparring. Stated that the gloves weigh 16 oz, I weighed them and they weigh about 19 oz. This is good, your hands will be well trained after work with these gloves and your sparring partner will thank you. Definitely recommend these gloves. 16 oz (actually 19 oz) suitable for fighters weighing 80-100 kg.

    (Posted on 8/19/14)

  • Overall Rating

    Owned For: Less than a week

    Pros: The gloves have real good wrist support, plus they look pretty sweet.

    Cons: While the gloves have a nice fit at first, they are furnaces once you get warmed up. Maybe it's because of the padding on the inside or it's due to poor insulation, but the gloves are hot boxes. Your hands will feel like they are on fire. Also, the padding on the inside folds up real easily when you are trying to get your hand in.

    Comments: Hard to say how I feel about these gloves to be honest. They are definitely very high quality and built real sturdy, but they are just too hot. I may return them and go for the Tokushu gloves.

    (Posted on 4/30/14)

  • Overall Rating

    Owned For: Less than a week

    Pros: Quality is as good as any gloves not named Winning.
    The stitching is top notch. Tight and consistent.
    The padding is SUPERB. Multi-layered style. Soft inside and medium on the outside. They are not glued together like in some cheaper brands.
    The locked-thumb position is very comfortable .
    Plenty of room for long handwraps with knuckle foundation.
    The impact area is curved towards the inside and is really wide/square ( not sharp like on Everlast and Ringside ). So you when you make contact, you're making contact with full "box" of your fists.

    Cons: These cons are for boxers only:
    The double velcro and thick wrist/cuff padding were designed for MMA'rs. They take kick blows real well. Unfortunately, they add some bulk and weight in the wrist area. Boxers really don't care much for a lot of padding in that area.
    The gloves could be slicker if it were maybe half an inch narrower and maybe a taper wrist support.

    Comments: Peeps, give these gloves a good consideration. They are a great value imho. I've seen a lot worse gloves for more .
    I would rate these gloves higher than Windy or Fairtex. Definitely much better value than Combat Sports
    I have a pair of Everlast MX as well and Hayabusa is so much better built .
    I can't wait for Hayabusa to start making boxing fight gloves .

    (Posted on 12/4/13)

3 Item(s)

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