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    Owned For: Less than a week

    Pros: -big and tall paddings that are quite soft to press and it thickens while pressing all the way through yet the knuckles land softly.
    -it sorta has a nice quick bounce back when landing punches which makes these gloves deliver a soft touch on heavy bags and on sparring partners.
    -the velcros are long and not stretchable on the wrist for the tight fit

    Cons: -after a good few minutes of use I notice these gloves are not really for beginners.. You must have an already good form and accuracy to land proper punches as these do not have a good thumb placement where it could get jammed in at times by accident, and it really hurts. so i went ahead and stuffed 2 pieces of cotton balls to make sure my thumb stays centered and away from lining up to my knuckles..
    -The outer cover has a stopping friction material which keeps it from sliding off, No smooth pull back but possibly to prevent from jamming your thumbs..
    -Also the paddings are rounded out which is why there is no thumb protection...

    Comments: -switched these from the Everlast Pro Style gloves, and compare to these, i would still say the Title Classic Max pair are better, I need padding on the knuckles to last long unlike Everlasts they were only held up to 2 months.
    -These gloves sorta forces you to punch properly or else your thumb is gonna feel the punishment and its great way to train yourself to get out of the bad habit...

    (Posted on 3/28/14)

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